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Melbourne Quality Cakes

A party without cake is just a meeting! Order a cake for your next occasion, be it a Birthday cake, Engagement cake, Wedding Cake, Celebration Cake - we’ve got your cake needs covered, with icing of course! We make cakes to order and bake to your needs - so if there’s a cake you want - we can make it. Select from our range below, or contact us today for your special cake to plan for your event.

Cake Price List

Red Velvet

Soft and fluffy beetroot colored sponge with a mascarpone cream and raspberries between the layers, covered in a dark chocolate ganache with white chocolate flakes on the side

Ferrero Rocher

Three layers of fluffy vanilla sponge with crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates, blended in a Nutella cream between the vanilla sponge layers

Carrot Walnut & Orange

Covered with cream cheese icing dried fruit and nuts.

Flourless Orange

Made with almond meal and fresh oranges glazed with fruit nappage and orange chocolate.

Baileys Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake with chocolate and baileys liquor swirled throughout.

Frangipane Tart

Almond cream tart with pear halves on top.

Chocolate Mint Slice

Chocolate cake with mint flavoured icing in the middle and chocolate ganache through middle, with green mint choc shards on top.

Hummingbird Cake

Banana cake base, with pineapple pieces and cream cheese icing in the middle covered with cream cheese icing, pecans, dried mango spears and toasted coconut garnish around the side.

Hazelnut Torte

Hazelnut praline layered cake, decorated with whole hazelnuts and hazelnut icing.

Marz Bar

Chocolate cake, one layer of caramel and one layer of chocolate mousse, covered in a soft ganache.

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate cake with a fresh cream and cookie centre, decorated with a rich ganache & chocolate shards

Cherry Ripe

Chocolate cake with two layers of cherry ripe filling, covered with chocolate ganache.

Flourless Apple

Gluten & completely flour free apple cake, made from pure almond meal.

Mississippi Mud Cake

A rich chocolate cake topped with ganache and chocolate curls.

Arctic Mud

A heavenly vanilla scented white mud cake with white ganache and chocolate shards.

Chocolate Layer

Our favourite chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache, coated in flakes.

Pear and Chocolate tart

Freshly poached pear halves baked in a light chocolate filling.

Lemon Tart

A sublime citrus custard trapped in a freshly baked tart case.

Lemon Meringue

Lemon tart topped with peaks of caramelised Italian meringue.

Toffee Mars

Heavy chocolate mud base topped with chocolate ganache and mars caramel decorated with toffee shards

Tropical Banana & Coconut

A moist cake filled with bananas and sprinkled with toasted coconut dried tropical fruits.

Flourless Jamaican Chocolate

Made with Jamaican chocolate and almond meal and iced with a rich flavoured chocolate ganache.

Sticky Date Pudding

Heavenly date cake served with a separate butterscotch sauce. (Best served warm)

Chocolate Oreo

Three layers of chocolate sponge cake separated by a mousse of crushed oreo biscuits and cream

Apple and Rhubarb

A baked tart case filled with apples and rhubarb with a lattice top

Apple and Berry Tart

A baked tart case filled with apples, raspberries and blueberries with a lattice top apples and rhubarb with a lattice top.

Cake Price List

5`` Cake
7`` Cake

Size only available in: Lemon Tart, Lemon & Passionfruit Tart and Lemon Meringue Tart

9`` Cake
11`` Cake

Continental Cakes

3 layers of sponge filled with custard

9`` Round
11`` Round
12`` Square
14`` Square

Sponge Cakes

Jam Sponge

Vanilla sponge with fresh cream and raspberry jam inside. Cream cheese icing on top and toasted almonds around the sides

Passionfruit Sponge

Vanilla sponge with fresh cream and passionfruit inside. Cream cheese and passionfruit icing with toasted coconut around the sides.

Strawberry Sponge

Vanilla sponge with fresh cream and strawberries inside. Fresh cream icing with strawberries on top. Toasted almonds around the side.

Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate sponge with fresh cream inside. Chocolate icing and choc sprinkles around side

Black Forest Sponge

Chocolate sponge with fresh cream and sour cherries inside. Fresh cream and sour cherries on top with chocolate sprinkles around the side.

Chocolate Mousse Sponge

Chocolate sponge with a rich creamy chocolate and cocoa mousse inside, with dark chocolate flakes around the sides and decorated with chocolate curls and glazed strawberries.

Sponge Cake Prices

9`` Round
11`` Round
10`` Square
12`` Square
14`` Square


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